2015 Poetry Out Loud Semifinal Region 1

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Region 1 Semifinal
9:00 am-12:00 pm EDT

New York
Nichola Metzger
''The Pulley'' by George Herbert
''In Memoriam: Martin Luther King, Jr.'' by June Jordan

Rhode Island
Zoe Butler
''Ode to the Midwest'' by Kevin Young
''The Good‐Morrow'' by John Donne

Hannah R. Sturgis
''The Applicant'' by Sylvia Plath
''Snake Oil, Snake Bite'' by Dilruba Ahmed

Owen Elphick
''Digging'' by Seamus Heaney
''To Autumn'' by John Keats

New Hampshire
Dessaline Etienne
''Weighing In'' by Rhina P. Espaillat
''The Man with the Hoe'' by Edwin Markham

Rose Horowitz
''Lovers' Infiniteness'' by John Donne
''Entirely'' by Louis MacNeice

Caroline Sprague
''Sonnet 15: When I consider everything that grows'' by William Shakespeare
"The Golden Shovel'' by Terrance Hayes

Elliot G. Davidson
''It Isn’t Me'' by James Lasdun
''Holy Sonnets: Death, be not proud'' by John Donne

District of Colombia
Daiana M. James
''Ars Poetica'' by Archibald MacLeish
''Tomorrow'' by Dennis O’Driscoll

South Carolina
Joshua T. Mugabe
''Song of Myself: 35'' by Walt Whitman
''Ozymandias'' by Percy Bysshe Shelley

Kyle Fox Shreve
''Possible Answers to Prayer'' by Scott Cairns
''Dover Beach'' by Matthew Arnold

North Carolina
Casey Ryan Goggin
''To Elsie'' by William Carlos Williams
''The Applicant'' by Sylvia Plath

New Jersey
Beatrice Dimaculangan
''The Bones of My Father'' by Etheridge Knight
"A March in the Ranks Hard‐Prest, and the Road Unknown'' by Walt Whitman

Samuel Boudreau
''Novel'' by Arthur Rimbaud
''Degrees of Gray in Philipsburg'' by Richard Hugo

West Virginia
Neely Seams
''Mi Historia'' by David Dominguez
"Epitaph on the Tombstone of a Child, the Last of Seven that Died Before '' by Aphra Behn

Sarah Binau
''After Apple Picking'' by Robert Frost
''The Author to Her Book'' by Anne Bradstreet

Virgin Islands
Jonathon Qualls
''Advice to a Prophet'' by Richard Wilbur
''Ecology'' by Jack Collom

Ahkei Togun
"Football" by Louis Jenkins
"The Canonization" by John Donne