Aaron Wintrich

St. Petersburg


Abstract painting.

Star Sailing by Aaron Wintrich. Photo courtesy of artist

I am the founder of Art For A Dream, which is an association of artists who do charitable work with their art. I advocate and fundraise for stem cell research and have a network of associates in this field. I am a developmental therapist for autistic/down syndrome children and also been involved in the Son-Rise program for autistic children where I worked with them on their artistic and life skills. I am currently corresponding with the Museum of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg, Florida, working on seminars for underprivileged children and orphans.

I do the work that I do because art has the ability to bring these children out of their challenges and give them focus and a level of functioning they can use to be a productive member of society. I advocate and fundraise for stem cell research because I believe one day we will no longer need developmental therapy, medicine, or disability. Regenerative medicine has the potential to cure disease, which would benefit the overall health of our communities and the world. In this way my artwork is duel in its mission, to help develop those in need now while I am still alive and working with them, and to benefit those of later generations after I am gone with the funding I have helped raised with my artwork to support stem cell research.

I am currently enrolled at USF studying history and anthropology which I use for my artwork as it is a historiography of avant-garde art. In this way my art is duel in its goal to raise funding and also educate because I use the elements of the masters in my own work as a conceptual collage. The viewer can see the elements of each of the masters in my artwork and can use my artwork as a source of reference to these elements. This is also how I teach the children, because it not only educates them on how to paint and draw but it also teaches them who developed each of these elements and when they were developed in a historical context. I found that they learn the skills I teach them better the more information about the instruction I give to them. This method of teaching is duel, combining art lessons with art history.

I do musical performances where I beatbox and rap educational poems. This is also something that can help autistic children because of their nature of being stimulated by repeating patterns, such as the repeating beats of my beatboxing. With music I can get the children's attention long enough so that I can then do my educational raps along with them, and therefore teach the children without them realizing it.