Ada Ghuman


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People gathered at art exhibit in a gallery.

A Meet The Artist with Errol McKinson at Olive on Main in Laurel, Maryland. Photo by Ada Ghuman

My story started three years ago when I was motivated to attend the newly assembled Laurel Arts District Exploratory Committee meeting. I became involved because I missed having art exhibits and events nearby. I thought, like many others, that this town had a perfect setting for the arts and entertainment.

Fast forward: in the last three years as Laurel Arts District Committee president, I’m honored to have showcased solo artist, multiple artists’ arts exhibits, and three Laurel Art Festivals. My personal feelings of accomplishments in this endeavor are many, but most importantly, as an artist, seeing the community response to our efforts and appreciate events we have produced has been the most rewarding.

Someday you may find yourself in our Old Town listening to a musical or spoken word performance at a gallery, where area artists have displayed unique works and you may think, "What a great experience! This is an awesome town!"

We have many plans for the future to fill the art gap in our town and are working towards becoming a non profit entity so we can someday soon apply and have the support of the National Endowments for the Arts.

NEA Happy 50th! Keep up the creative work.

Ada Ghuman
Laurel, MD