Allison Washington


What an ARTful journey from elementary school to now and what better place to experience it than the great state of Mississippi!

My love of the arts began in elementary school with my music teacher Mrs. Hawkins and my strings teacher who was a member of the Mississippi Symphony, Mr. Lee. All through elementary, middle, high school and the university level, music has been my passion, my outlet and my outreach. Because of that caring touch from an arts educator, I've met and served many with the universal language of music.

Today, I have the honor and pleasure of serving the people of the great state of Mississippi by working at the Mississippi Arts Commission, the state's grants-making and service agency to individual artists and arts organizations. So, the community programs that were responsible for grooming me as a very proud and successful artist, are the same programs we serve all over the state of Mississippi.

Happy 50th Birthday NEA and thank you for helping us pay it forward!