Alston Green

New York

alston_green Gems of the Forest.jpg

Painting of flowers.

A painting from Tropical Exotica, a series of tropical floral and bird paintings by Alston Green. Photo courtesy of artist

At an early age, I discovered my love for art and design. The energy and drive for this career choice led me to soar in my creative endeavors throughout my formative education—I designed the cover of my grade, middle, and high school yearbook covers. After high school, I entered into the prestigious Parsons School of Design. My education here prepared me for many career opportunities. I worked in New York's garment industry over a decade in various roles within the textile industry. This training prepared me for my next incarnation with Hallmark Cards Inc. Here I honed my skill in product development. My biggest achievement was reshaping Mahogany, the African-American card and specialty program. My mark is still noted by many in this consumer base. Today I am the CEO of Alston Green Enterprises. My love and passion for remarkable art and design continues.