Amina Olushola Heckstall

North Carolina


Man in traditional African clothes dancing.

Dancer Amina Olushola Heckstall. Photo by Eyebeam Productions

The performing arts are my life. I eat, sleep, walk, live, breathe the cultural arts. Dance has fed my family, lifted me out of the pits of depression, and transformed my entire being throughout my life. Since the age of three it called to me and the rest is history. Through my dance company I have also been able to provide work for members of my family and friends who were just as talented as I, and then some. Over the years, my company has changed because so have I. What I create is like my baby—the baby grows. I grow. The healing powers are magnificent, breathtaking even. In my career, I have been blessed to travel the world and in turn heal many others. Teaching can be just as gratifying as performing. I personally love to learn. Taking class is the all time high because of the blend of various energies some strange, some familiar. Just add a phenomenal instructor and it’s heaven. Passing this gift on to my students, primarily the children, is the ultimate blessing. I'm teaching an alternative language, way of expression, showing love, loving self, and passing the gift on and on to generation after generation. A neverending cycle.