Angela Alderete



Woman wearing a tie-dye shirt at a table with an embroidery ring  with her hands in the air

Angela Alderete working on an embroidery. Photo courtesy of Spindleworks

In 1984 I graduated from high school. I did my drawing there, a long time ago. I would draw anything in sight. I did lots of paintings in my high school days. I was a mail runner, I passed the papers out and gave some mail to people. I would run mail to detention. I did drawing, science, history, chemistry, computers, and gym. I also like sewing.

I came to Spindleworks in ‘99, June 5th of 1999. It was something different, something new. And I met somebody new. My first art here was photography. I love it. I love taking pictures. I do videos, guitars, paintings and drawings. I like hip hop dancing. I did some dress designs and it was in the fashion show. I used to do acting a long time ago but I don’t do that anymore. Now I do knitting, weaving, and sculpture, those are my favorites. I type 50 words per minute in typing. When I put art in a show I get money and I like it. One time I made a Titanic and sold it to a professor at Bowdoin College.

I travel around the world, and I like to do art about traveling. I do everything in sight! I am a whiz at computers. I do art on the computer and the iPad and take pictures on my invisible iPad in my mind. I also do karate--I’m the Eye of the Tiger, my karate name. I’m going to be a black belt soon. I put my karate name in my artwork. I do dancing, yoga, tai chi, karate. I did the Special Olympics in Europe.

I like the staff people at Spindleworks, they treat people equal and with respect. They are honest. They give me some ideas for my artwork, they are role models. I have changed my image a little bit since coming to Spindleworks.

I like art because it lets you be creative. It lets me be energetic. I also do clay! I make clay outside and it’s good, you get dirty.

Art is creative, art is spiritual, there are all different shapes and colors. My favorite is photography and videos. I like looking good, I like fashion. In my art, in my life, I want to do everything in sight.

Black and white photo of a chicken in a cage from above

Market Chicken. Photo by Angela Alderete