Ann-Margaret Leonard

New York

I could still remember, how I felt as a young child, the very moment I read The Little Prince by Antione de Saint Exupery, The connection could only be felt with an artists heart. I believe that all artists have the eyes and imagination of a child. As a young girl living in suburban Long Island, I would spend many hours, writing what looked like scribble on my closet walls, but it was stories pouring from my heart and soul to my finger tips. Thoughts of ways to make the world a peaceful place. A world where everyone stood hand in hand. My mind worked quicker than my hands. My ideas and thoughts still keep me up at night, creating inspirational stories. I make heartfelt cards for my friends and share stories with my six children, as they often ask me to write another. I believe art and the creative way it has taught me to look at situations has truly opened their eyes as well, this influence allows them to see the world as a box of crayons. Different shades of every color. I tell them that the world is a canvas for a painter to paint and blank piece of paper for a writer to pen a thought. I believe even the Little Prince would agree, Live life with art in your heart, it can change the world... It's ok to see life through rose colored glasses, it makes everything Pink!