Bart Mauceri Jr.

North Carolina

Nautilus Spirals .jpg

Photograph of a shell.

Nautilus Spirals by Bart Mauceri Jr. Photo courtesy of artist

My journey as a photographer almost never existed. In fact, I was never meant to be a photographer, but a commercial artist. After taking a number of photography courses at a local art school in Danbury, Connecticut, my accidental gift was born. In 1995, I enrolled into the New York Institute of Photography in New York City.

Although graduating in 1999 with a certification in photojournalism, and working for a series of local newspapers in and around my native Ridgefield until 2005, I decided to become a professional freelance photographer instead. With my current profession, I specialize in lighthouses, coastal subjects, landscapes, still life subjects, and architecture—the older and decrepit, the better. My life as a traditional photographer could not have been better, yet challenging at times, with the rise of digital photography. I stayed true to my roots, until I was struck with a major reality check.

In 2014, my career was in limbo. The photo labs that I've relied on to process my film converted to digital. But I had on those “a-ha” moments. While staying with my baby sister and her family for the holidays, she let me borrow her Sony Alpha high-resolution camera. After the first two dozen photos, that “a-ha” moment hit me...that I can deliver incredible, high-resolution photos more efficiently. On Christmas, I was given, and started taking more shots with my own high-res digital camera. In 2015, after being a traditional film photographer for 15 years, I have converted to 100 percent digital myself. And I could not have been any happier and content.

Now that I have entered the digital age and I have no intention in stopping. Despite that, I was very fortunate to shoot and develop my own 35mm film, and developed my own prints. But traditionalists on my website "A Journey in Images" Facebook page have called me out, saying that I sold myself out. I told them that they will be next to convert to digital one day. So, I am absolutely not a sell out. For me, this is a new chapter in my career, and I am very excited for this new journey.

Bart Mauceri Jr.
Mooresville, NC