Betty Carter



Woman sitting facing the camera knitting with ball of yarn to her right

Betty Carter. Photo courtesy of Spindleworks

I like to make things. My grandmother taught me how to do patchwork quilts and embroidery. She was a good teacher because she taught home economics at a school. She taught me how to make clothes using needles and the sewing machine. I have made my own clothes including pants and shirts. My favorite kind of art is art made out of fibers and fabrics. I like going to galleries and seeing other artist handmade bags and pocketbooks. I am inspired by the different kinds of art that I see made by the people around me including my friends and other artists. My recent embroidery included different kinds of art including bags, books, pillows, houses, and flowers. People are making all of those things at the Spindleworks studio. It makes me happy to know that I can create things. Making art keeps me active. I get to go out and draw. See new places, draw people, sometimes I meet people. I color in the drawings and use those ideas for embroidery projects.

Embroidered quit with children in front of a house next to an apple tree and birds flying

Quilted landscape. Photo courtesy of Spindleworks/Betty Carter