Bhavisha Patel



Painting of an adult elephant walking with child elephant on the African plain

Introduction To Abundance. Oil Painting from a photo taken at Amboseli National Park, Kenya

With adversity, come gifts. I am a writer and a painter. Those are my gifts. Falling into train tracks, shattering the femur, requiring multiple surgeries over several years, made me an artist. Through recovery, I started to paint. A therapeutic experience that made me whole in moments of despair. The importance of art in my life was and is self-evident. From that fateful day I try and paint everyday, sometimes for pleasure, sometimes as meditation, sometimes as work. Writing came as a daily quite moment in which to express emotions and pen a prayer for the day. The writings became and continue to be refuge for my mind at times of happiness and contentment and when stresses of the day come. The combination of the paintings and writings are now becoming what I share with my friends and community with the hope that it is brings to all the same therapeutic experience along with an appreciation of nature and gratitude for gifts of life.

Over the many years, I've influenced others to paint or create as a way of opening the eyes to see and feel what otherwise we would never notice, as art first exists in nature. My art tries to capture the beauty of our world and the harmony that exists between elements. Art is a vehicle to find internal strength, the determination to move with the flow of life within me and around me. This internal strength, the determination and resilience within, is what I see in nature and all around me. It is this that I try and capture in my paintings. Life that is strong, calm and beautiful. We can always harness the energy from what we see and build it within. Ultimately, I hope that my art will help our society to respect nature and its power and learn from it.

Painting is now my primary profession. Apart from working as an artist, I have founded an artist meet up group The NOW (Network of Working) Artists that aims to unite emerging artists as a group to share recourses, barter services, promote each other, share ideas and more. To date we have over 500 members and have started sharing ideas, opportunities, and exhibiting works of members in various shows. The aim is to help Artists make a living through their art and make their art visible and accessible to the community at large.