Brandi Lacy

San Diego


Two women on stage in 19th century french clothing, one singing, the other holding a pair scissors

2015 production of "Les Miserables" at Musical Theatre West. On the left: Cassandra Murphy as Fantine. On the right: Brandi Lacy. Photo by Caught in the Moment Photography

When I was 11, I saw the film Singin' in the Rain. I always knew I wanted to be on stage but at that moment, I knew musical theater was my path. When I was 12, I saw my first Broadway show. The electricity in the theatre was indescribable. It was Phantom of the Opera and my life was forever changed. I began studying dance, voice, drama, comedy, and improv in addition to all my other studies. When I was 16 my home life became unstable and the only place I felt safe was in a theater. I've gone on to get a degree in musical theatre and I am a working actor.

If I wouldn't have had theater, my life would have been a much darker place. In 2015, I had a medical issue that threatened my acting career. I needed surgery. I had to take a break from the stage and every day lacked meaning. If the surgery went wrong I would no longer have control of my tongue or jaw. One week before my surgery, I booked a tour. In that moment I knew I would be alright. I was right. I went on tour two weeks later. Never underestimate the power of live theater.