Camilla Meshiea


In 2014, nine months after getting married and selling our business, my husband and I moved to Mérida, Mexico from Savannah, GA to start a sustainable design company.

I’ve always been fascinated by the intersection of art and commerce but also feel a strong urge to create an enterprise that, at every level, supports human dignity, creativity and sustainability.

After having worked as an artist in NY in my 20s I “gave up” art to work as an competitive athlete and gym owner, but after a few years I realised my drive to create was integral to my wellbeing and sense of purpose, and so that is what led us to make this huge life change; I can truly say it is in the name of art.

We are creating through research and oblique approaches, a business model that is lifestyle driven, sustainable, fair trade and counter to a consumer culture of disposability. Though we are a tiny, free wheeling operation now, we are constantly considering creative strategies to scale this model.

We are able to feed our creative sides, and in effect we get to fully experience the art of life.