Cecilia Taibo Rahban



Elaborate bracelet made up of many interlocked rings

Steel pearl bracelet. Photo by Cecilia Taibo Rahban

I was fortunate to grow up surrounded by art--classical music was always playing at home and my mother was a writer and painter. That was back in Uruguay, where I studied piano full time. When I came to the US, my career path took a turn--I turned to photography, then digital painting. My latest creations are in jewelry design, stainless steel pieces that represent elegance, boldness, fluidity and strength. I find each of my creative expressions on their own and as a whole very fulfilling, and I hope they inspire others.

I'm happy to have exhibited my work both locally in Southern California, in the LA/OC area, as well as internationally. I'm honored that my latest creation in jewelry design was featured at the Museum of Latin American Art "Empowerment through the Arts" Women's Day Festival 2015.