Colette Shumate-Smith



A square flat ceramic piece with large uneven tiles dark and light green and dark brown colorstiles

Turtle Heaven. Photo by Colette Shumate-Smith

I was raised as an artist and writer poet and painter potter. I married an artist it is not only who I am it is what I have become and I know nothing else. The work I do is emotional and directed at the world. Sometimes out of God knows where. My mother a graduate of Johns Hopkins a photo realist in charcoal dust, my brother a designer of airplanes and cars I am an abstract expressionist a sculpture and a painter. The pottery is an emotional response to circumstances beyond my control. The two works you see a simple pot with inlayed crystal simple and beautiful. The turtle heaven is covered with turtles I never painted or was aware of painting them. They appeared after the work was up and done. Same with sleeping dogs covered with dogs and a rat on the shoulder of the turbaned man in the corner. My work is from beyond the vision.

I work from memory. My work is personal, spiritual and unique. Abstract landscapes are created from the clay and fire. As an artist, I believe the choices we make will define our future. The artist is an observer... a silent watcher, I must respond, the only way I know how. Through my art and from my emotions, my hidden images float between reality and abstraction, paint and clay, darkness and light. My Raku work, a landscape, dug up out of the fire pit, and washed clean. As an artist I feel that the process of rebuilding new forms from the shards of yesterday is a timely endeavor, a response, to events out of my control.

Ceramic pot with white lower section with brown waves, and a dark brown glazed upper part

Ceramic pottery. Photo by Colette Shumate-Smith