Dave Rogers

New York


Highly stylized, colorful portrait painting of a trumpet player

Kind of Blue. Photo by Dave Rogers

There are those that will say that knowledge is a power, but to me knowledge is a tool that I use to explore the world around me. During my years of traveling with the military and with art mentors in my time since serving in the military I have gained a interest in the history of people and cultures.

I have especially been fascinated with the transitions of cultures through their art and language. I explore those cultures not just through reading and research, but through traveling to and visiting the countries current cultures as well as visiting dig sites which explore the cultures past.

This study of cultures includes music, as to me music is an exploration of the spoken language through story telling which gives me an insight to the culture not found in historical records.

My paintings are influenced from my time in the army and my travels around the world. They are a reflection of the void inside of us, that empty feeling we have at the end of the day, that some how we are not yet complete or done.

A combination of Die Brücke, Der Blaue Reiter and POP they are strongly inspired by the great master artists I have studied and come to admire for their expressions of the world around us, and their exploration of even the most common of things in life through the use of color and lines. It is for this reason that I have come to believe that “Even ordinary life can be immortalized in art” and have explored these relationships between the known and unknown aspects of life.

These Neo-Contemporary paintings are a combination of Asian and Western art I have formed over the course of 15 years that I refer to as Eastern Modernism. The lines are done in the tradition of Chinese Paper Cutting and Line drawing, while the color and design are done in the tradition of Die Brücke and Der Blaue Reiter. The symbols are a combination of the forms of Asian and Ancient forms of writing which are meant to tell a story of the painting, which are painted while listening to Jazz and Blues that have had a great influence on the motion in my works.

Painting of Old and young men in a complex urban scene. the young men at a microphone, one old man by lotus pads, the sky red and white rays with abstract designs

Contemporary Communism. Photo by Dave Rogers