Debbie Lyn Jones

Virginia Beach

I am a creative. It is part of everything I do, and everything that I am.

Long ago my grandmother sat me down and gave me pencil and paper to draw with. She felt it would help quiet my spirit. I began drawing the wildlife around me, the homes, the people. Then later, I began writing about them.

When the Internet started growing in the early 1990s, it was my thirst for networking and getting my art seen that drove me to it. I would never have known then that my creative nature would spurd me on into web development and design so that a decade later, I'd be working my way up from a senior web developer to an IT manager.

Through the years, as carpal tunnel damage to my hands grew substantial, as I was diagnosed with a hearing loss in both ears, nerve damage from diabetes and hyperglycemia.. and finally cataracts appears... I thought my time as a creative was over.

But no—I fight even harder to share what needs to be said.

My goal is to use my technical abilities to create a video series called "Voices Silenced" and then use my illustration and animation skills to bring them to life.

Someone must speak for them, and even with my body as it is, I step forward. Because it must be done.

I do not consider myself an artist, a web developer, a writer. I am a creative. I think that pretty much says it all.