Doris Dix Caruso

North Carolina

I begin with my connection to the state of Illinois for that was where my love for writing began.

I was fortunate to have a series of teachers in the Chicago School System in the 1930s and on into the ‘40s who inspired me and gave me the beautiful gift of a love for the written word and especially for poetry.

I have written a poem about this which is in my book of poetry. I will attempt to write it here:

Poetry is the hope of the world.
It makes us feel as nothing else on earth can do.
It opens up the mind and heart to truths impossible
to sense in any other way.

Poetry is the soul of the world.
It gives us the power to wish to do good.
It creates in us the will be be just.
It grants us a peace to be found in no other emissary.

Poetry is a power all to itself.
When I am sorrowful I turn expectantly to it.
When I have boundless joy, it is my true companion.
My life would be merely a shell without poetry.