Emily Hepworth

Cedar City

Music was always my love; my parents had rules of when I couldn’t practice. The music always brought me joy and peace. However, not until my junior year of studying music in college did I realize the true power of music. There have been many moments when I have been moved to tears by just sheer beauty of the sounds. One of these moments was with an opportunity I had to play a solo on the world premiere of Africa by Marshall MacDonald and Steven Sharp Nelson.

While being so incredibly nervous, I just was so grateful to play a piece that has so much power. This music has the power to show us so much more than anything I could ever put into words. Here is my attempt to do so.

Africa conjures a picture of majestic animals on a safari or tribal dancing. This music illuminates not only their amazing culture, but the beauty of life. There is beauty in every moment, with happy, sad, and anticipation and hope. These moments are shared with every culture. Life is precious and goes by too fast. Music helps to reflect and remember.

Music speaks to all those who listen. Music truly is the language of life.

Thanks NEA for helping us enjoy the music.

Africa - The Symphony