Emma Becker



Multicolored embroidery of a bouquet of flowers

Irises. Cross stitch. Photo courtesy of Spindleworks/Emma Becker

I’ve been drawing since I was 10 years old. I first started out with crayons, pencils, and later on I learned to draw with india ink. I also work in acrylics. I like to paint landscapes, seascapes, and I’m learning how to do night scenes. I also like to paint people in a crowd or a scene. I am inspired by the water and the ocean, and flowers. I am inspired by nature. I really like Monet, and Renoir and the impressionists work. I have seen their paintings in Washington DC. I recently took a trip to DC and liked looking at the pictures at the The Smithsonian. I was inspired by the architecture including the Washington Monument. I came back and did a lot of ink drawings from my trip. Art has always been a part of my life. I am able to express my feelings with my art. It helps me get things out and relax me. Music inspires my art, I listen to rock ‘n’ roll while I paint; it helps me to focus better and feel awake. An artist is someone who is talented at painting, dancing, singing, writing, and acting. I don’t like pictures that you can’t tell what they are. To be a good artist you have make things look like they really are.

Framed coutryside winter scene

Winter Scene. Acrylic on canvas. Photo courtesy of Spindleworks/Emma Becker