Frank Delgado


We are a Latino cultural center and hosted an event for Chairman Jane Chu recently. She viewed an exhibition featuring "day of the dead" themed artwork including one painting by Danny Greene. In January of 2014 Danny was hit by a drunk driver and suffered major head injuries. As a result, he lost all ability to do anything "math" He lost concepts of time, can't make sense of a bill at a restaurant...and could not continue working his job as a financial analyst.

Long story short, he SUDDENLY ACQUIRED THE ABILITY TO PAINT. He painted once in the seventh grade and now has a virtuoso ability to paint due to a rare condition called ACQUIRED SAVANT SYNDROME. With only 1.75 years of experience he completes works weekly that measure 6'x 7' including a Frida Kahlo painting we had on view.

His story was an inspirational part of our tour -- and just one of HUNDREDS of ways that the arts affect me daily.