Gloria Morrow


I've always been a lover of the arts, especially theater/musical arts. I acted in school plays and musicals, and wrote my first stage play when I was 16 years old. I never knew where my love for the arts would take me because my path took a very different turn. After having a child at 18, my college plans were delayed. My goal of singing and acting changed, because I chose to work to support my child instead of going to college. But at the age of 38 I enrolled in college, and by the time I was 52 I had earned a BS in psychology, MS in marriage and family therapy and a PhD in clinical psychology. Now, I have written five books, three stage plays—two of which have been produced—and I am now working on a film. I have fused my psychological knowledge with theater arts, and I believe a wonderful marriage has begun. My work helps my community because its multicultural focus on pertinent issues for communities of color is beneficial for increasing knowledge, awareness, and hope.