Golie Miamee


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Photo of trees in mist.

Morning Haze (Champagne, France) by Golie Miamee. Photo courtesy of artist

I am a born traveler and love to photograph and capture what I see and experience in my journeys around the world—a visual artist, rather than a traditional photographer, who uses a photograph as my canvas and digital editing as the main medium. I strive to let my audience see the world as I see it through my lens, where every photo becomes a timeless capture of that specific scene. Intrigued by the world, my love for photography and passion for travel have together allowed me to capture memorable moments of nature, people, places, art, culture, and much more. I see every photograph as an image that can come to life; and hope that each one gives my viewers the same bliss and enjoyment as it does for me. I venture to expand my work by adding more destinations from around the world while developing new media techniques.

Most people validate their accomplishments and leave behind a legacy through their life success and the family tree they leave behind. In my case, however, as I was not granted that option, and have no children to leave behind to carry my legacy, my name, my stories, my rich experiences, and stories. But I am granted with a gift to interpret what see and who I am into my art. Therefore, I consider my art as the gift and legacy that I can leave behind to allow other to enjoy, hear my stories through and see what I see and want to share with the world.

Photo of mannequin with large white hair.

Reflection of our thoughts (New York) by Golie Miamee. Photo courtesy of artist