Helen Kagan



Abstract painting.

In Search of Meaning, 2013, by Helen Kagan. Photo courtesy of artist

I believe that art heals. I believe in interconnectedness of physical, mental, and spiritual. I am a healing artist, creating and sharing my unique art for inspiration, healing, transformation, and just for your good mood

I am Helen Kagan, a holistic therapist and artist. Coming from a family of scientists, I've been always fascinated by the left and right brain relationship, and for the last 25 years, I've been developing my unique technique and style as “healing arts,” which reflects my own deep introspective view on life, a desire to bridge realities and heal the past. I consider it as my unique way to integrate fine art and the art of healing.

I was born in a cold Siberian winter in what then was the USSR, grew up in a Communist State where oppression and control were a daily reality. In 1991, my quest for freedom led me to the U.S., whereto I brought my Jewish heritage, a couple of graduate degrees, and an unending thirst to explore the world and its meaning.

Mainly self-taught, I've been painting for as long as I remember, since 2005 doing it professionally. I work with oils and acrylics, lately experimenting with mixed media. My canvases are influenced by impressionism and expressionism—they are varied and vibrant, some are raw, some refined, all intuitive. They are bridges to the past, cities in the rain, street lights, domes, oceans, fields of sunflowers, moons, sunsets... But, there are always spiritual messages in all of them.

I donated many of my artwork to charities, hospice, and other organizations and individuals. As a therapist and artist, I believe that tragedy, trauma ,and pain can be healed with beauty, positive energy, self-expression. I believe in mind-body-spirit connection and my passionate art is a statement of all my beliefs.