Helene Ruiz


Art is as vital to my life as is the blood in my veins. I cannot imagine life without it nor do I believe I would have survived life without it. If I did not have the ability to paint, I would not be alive today. I am certain of that. Each time I have had to face death, it is my painting that saved me and made me able to deal and adjust to my life as it needed to adapt. This is why perhaps my art is somewhat my autobiography on canvas. On March 28th, 2015, I had my third and worst brush with near death. I was told that day that I may not live another 30 minutes to an hour and was rushed to emergency surgery. Again, the moment I was able to sit up to paint, the pain meds were replaced by my painting. While I paint, I am able to escape my own body, my pain, and even for the duration of working on the piece it has an amazing healing ability. I am painting as much as I can now because again in a few weeks I must face another major surgery to put me back together again so that I can once again feel as close to human as possible, and you better believe, the moment I am able to sit up, I will be painting again and replacing any pain medications with painting. It saved my life already and will save me again.