Jeffrey F. Joseph


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Drawing of sports stadium.

A artistic rendition of Cleveland Stadium, "The Home of Jim Brown," by Jeffrey F. Joseph. Photo courtesy of artist

For my entire career as a fine artist, I have always specialized in painting sports images: portrait of coaches, stadium landscapes, football scenes, baseball, etc. I self-publish my open edition prints, which are published from my original oil paintings. My art work is sold in many community art associations, retail stores, and through the numerous art shows I participate in, mostly in Michigan.

What do my goods provide to the community? What customers and collectors of my art communicate to me is that my work presents memories, feelings, pride, and an emotional alignment with their interest. My prints hang in rooms at the University of Michigan hospital, and patients with tears in their eyes told me how the work helped them cope a little better.

I cannot comprehend why art education is cut from the schools. It is like cutting out 50 percent of the human experience and potential of human innovation and creativity!