Jess Burgess



Group of african american adults in a semi-circle playing various percussion instrumentsaround and listening to their instructor

Workshop at Dogtown Dance Theatre. Photo by Mike Keeling

Dogtown Dance Theatre provides a home for independent artists to create and present their work in movement, visual and music arts. We seek to enliven our local community of Manchester in Richmond by fostering expansive creative expression and education across diverse populations. Dogtown has become a home for collaboration in dance and movement arts that encourages education, entertainment, and inspiration for thousands of artists. The theatre supports these artists across all stages of their careers, and offers year-round cross-disciplinary opportunities.

Dogtown recognized the challenge that many performing artists face when thy pursue creating and producing their own work. Thus, the organization created an affordable artistic rental program that provides artists with a home to conduct workshops and classes, ultimately building an audience for these artists. As our artists begin establishing themselves in the community, Dogtown then works closely with them to produce and create showings of their work and provide the resources necessary to create a professional production that they otherwise might not have.

Because these artists are presenting culturally diverse and professional level dance instruction and performances, Dogtown has become a well-recognized hub for the arts in central Virginia. Dogtown Dance Theatre has consistently been attributed to the revitalization and raised-awareness of the dance community within the city limits of Richmond, Virginia.

These performing artists are benefited by having a place to create, rehearse, educate, and present their work, and the arts patrons in the Richmond community benefit through exposure to excellent and diverse choreography. Dogtown Dance Theatre believes that dance should be a right, not a luxury, and will continue to provide these opportunities and resources to the Richmond community of artists that need these resources to continue to enrich our local community.