Johanna Moore



Painting of a landscape in yellows and browns

Popham. Photo by Nathan Eldridge

I grew up in a family of craftsmen, my father mastered many trades. He was a furniture craftsman, taught himself lapidary work, and silversmithing. Through constant encouragement, I have always been a maker. Drawing, painting, photography were the mainstays of my youth. Now at 50, I earn a living as an artist. I work in pinhole photography and recently completed a major project producing Solargraphs (long exposure pinhole photographs) along the length of the Kennebec River in Maine. I am a gilder, frame maker, and gilded object conservator. I often incorporate the skills of my trade into unique works of art based on a single or series of ideas.

Tall, narrow yellow and orange glass piece with wavy cuts

Cascade. Photo by Nathan Eldridge