Justine Johnston Hemmestad


Truth be Told is a fantasy story that mirrors my ongoing recovery from traumatic brain injury, which I feel is so needed by survivors to know that they're not alone. In 1990 my car was broadsided by a speeding city bus as I turned out of a parking lot - I was in a coma and had sustained a severe brain injury. I was paralyzed when I woke up from my coma, though I worked hard to walk again within a few months and had to learn how to do the basic functions of life again. I began to write when I was carrying my first child Megan, less than two years after my accident. My husband and I now have seven children and I'm still writing, for both have been true aids to my recovery. My first published novella (published by Faith by Grace Publishing) is the story of an 11th Century knight who helps a Lady realize who she truly is, how capable she is, and how much she's needed, and it directly mirrors my recovery from severe brain injury. I felt alone and excluded by everyone after my injury - I would have recognized myself in this story and it would have given me hope. I hope to give other survivors hope.