Karen Ahuja



Painting of flowers.

Hayley's Peonies by Karen Ahuja to celebrate her niece's graduation. Photo courtesy of the artist

After my youngest went to kindergarten in 2011, my time during the day was freed up to pursue my new-found passion for painting. Using my graphic design degree, I explored new mediums and used the creation of art to express myself, relieve stress, and inspire others through art. Using my MBA in marketing, I found that I enjoyed marketing my art as much as I enjoy creating my art.

In 2014, I applied for a grant through the Mid America Alliance. The application was for an initiative called Launch Leverage and Lift-up Women (LLLWomen), which introduced a new selling platform that allowed four women to build brand awareness, create new art, and build a strong network of supporters in the northwest Arkansas community. The LLLWomen initiative was selected as one of the 30 finalists to submit a full proposal. Even though we were not selected to receive grant funding, the support from the local community was overwhelming. We will execute the plans from the grant on a smaller scale. The LLLWomen initiative will support Momentum, which is a combination of a gallery event and series of art and marketing workshops. Momentum supports four female emerging artists (Karen Ahuja, Amy Eichler, Shawna Elliott, and Erika Nelson) by funding a month-long gallery show at the Creative Community Center, Nadine Baum Studios, and an opening reception, as well as four art and marketing workshops.

Karen Ahuja
Fayetteville, AR