Karen McGann



Painting of an anteater.

Anteater by Karen McGann. Phot courtesy of artist

My art is pretty good, and it is getting better and better. I went out in the clay studio and made some kind of sculpture of a little baby chicken; I had to make it hollow. I got another one out there that is a big one. I am going to paint it. I mostly paint animals like a camel, a duck, or a turkey. I became an artist because I saw other people doing it. Some of my friends are artists. I used to be a farmer and I took care of chickens, ducks, and cows. I would have to feed them, and feed them, and feed them. They would grow fast. I paint and draw from my memory. It is important to me because I like to do it and it is a fun process. The hardest part is getting the colors to paint it right. Figuring out how to mix the colors is hard. You think and then you do it, take out a little bit and mix it. Then, you take out a little bit more until you get it right. I like to look at at art that looks like animals including pictures of buffalo or deer. I have seen some deer before. They run when you look at them; I used to feed them too. Art makes me feel good; it makes me a happier person. The sky isn’t always blue. Sometimes it’s gray. Blue is my favorite color, it reminds me of the sky and the clouds.

Woman painting in studio.

Karen McGann painting in the studio. Photo courtesy of Spindleworks