Kelly Lewis


I could go on and on about my dance contributions after receiving my BFA in Performing Arts Education, however I have learned that being an advocate for the arts is so much more than my resume. At this point of my career, I find myself being inspired by so many things in order to motivate and inspire my dance students. I just recently moved from a big city to a small community in Kentucky and I am amazed, not only by the amazing opportunities I have had as a dance educator , but also by how well the arts are received by our younger generation. I am reminded daily that I am an example for our youth and community. My students look up to me to find their inspirations. With this in mind, I have learned how to live through my own inspirations and how to apply my discipline, passion, and work ethic from dance to my everyday responsibilities. I enjoy more than ever going to musicals and dance performances, promoting new programs, and overall being involved in any art form because of what the arts as a whole has given to me throughout my career.