Kellyann Lyman

Mill Valley

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collage of different photos

Photo courtesy of Kellyann Lyman

What does it mean to celebrate beauty, whimsy, and joy as we reshape our world? My annual collections focus specifically on positive reflections. Each year, I reinvent and innovate by studying, producing, and disseminating artwork that engages the public positively. I am inspired personally to produce work that's message speaks beyond me to the world at large.

I blend the concerns and methods of abstract, conceptual, and appropriation art with photography and culture to create my own unique iconography, always vivacious. My practice produces abstraction, iconography, and type-driven positive print campaigns.

In exhibition, my mixed-medium genre artwork has found a global audience. The iconoculture collection | a world view on modern beauty, reflects seeing the beauty in what you do, through appropriated iconic images of beauty.

I want to engage generations of visual thinkers.