Kiko Denzer



Etching of a sun.

"At the center of the sunburst is a traditional figure that combines the circle (unity) with a spiral (life & growth)." - Kiko Denzer. Photo courtesy of artist

I grew up with an artist mom (who raised two boys solo, by art). But I left the arts in college for political reasons, and went into community development. I finally "went back to art" after 10-15 years, but re-learned it as an inclusive and integrative activity, rather than as a specialization. This has been the source and root of a much more interesting, and much deeper education than anything I could have gotten in school—or, I think, from professional work in the arts. The lessons all point to the same thing, which is the fitting together of whatever life gives us, in whatever ways we can—physically, visually, emotionally, politically, economically. (To "fit together" is the root meaning of the word art, an origin it shares with harmony, order, ratio, rational, reason, ordain, and arithmetic, among others.)

Kiko Denzer
Philomath, OR