Virginia Beach

I’d say I’m a very average person.  I’m not incredibly great, and nothing particularly strange has happened to me in my brief years of living. In fact, my life has been rather banal at times. This bland living is what led me to seek my degree in English. Deciding to seek a degree, I narrowed my options down to three. From there, I decided which would be the best fit for me and my goals in life. Plus, everyone needs a hobby, right?

The Struggle: I often have felt as though the world lacks meaning and purpose. This gives me a mild depression, but what brings me out of these low points is writing. It allows me to reflect my own thoughts in a way better than keeping them to myself. If I do not tell someone about the Struggle, I, at least, can write, which gets me to a similar place.

Upon entering into my degree program, I began reading literature from all around the world. I was exposed to different ideas on the big existential question I have. What I discovered was that I am not alone. For some reason, perhaps because of the isolation from others caused by that lousy comfort zone, I thought that I was the only one that battled these questions. I found, to my bittersweet surprise, that I shared a very important commonality with my fellow man.

I figured that I have an experience different from others in this world because, let’s face it, no one really has the same, so I decided I should share my thoughts, my writings about the Struggle with others. True as it is, I have not shared with many people, but I am still very young. However, learning how to convey my thoughts more effectively has become my goal. This is the reason I chose to emphasize creative writing in my english degree.

I do not claim that I have the answer to the question, but I believe that through art, we are bonded in the pursuit of truth and understanding of the world in which we live. This pursuit is one that is more important than any we seek in this world. Yes, we need to provide for our basic needs, but providing for these needs is not all there is to life.

It is this belief that drives me to create meaningful art that can help and contribute to understanding this world, which, in turn, will hopefully reach someone who also shares the Struggle—fully understanding this unfathomable world.