Linda Storm & Pablo Perea

Santa Fe
New Mexico


Phantasmagorical painting with birds, birds eggs, branches, a small boy sitting on an egg sillouette

UniversUs I  by Linda Storm and Pablo Perea, 108" x 78" mixed media on canvas. Photo by Linda Storm 

Cuban artist Pablo Perea, and I, an American artist, create art together on the same canvases. We paint parables with cross-cultural archetypes and surreal symbolism. We depict relationships between humans and nature, and the universal cycles of life. Our inspiration is New Mexico's geology, its many cultures, and the mystery of the night sky. Our paintings reveal ethereal blue corn spirits, a rooted goddess sowing seeds, portholes in the sky, and oil wells embedded in dinosaur bones.

We had solitary artistic careers until our artistic collaboration began in 2010, when, as fate would have it, we became neighbors in rural New Mexico. We now lease a studio in Santa Fe where we have created more than 250 paintings together and are preparing for upcoming solo exhibitions scheduled for January 2017 in the gallery of Biblioteca Nacional José Marti in Havana, Cuba, and for another in New York City in October 2016.

Our mission is for our art to be a visual representation of cultures working together creatively, a global presence of cultural collaboration.

Together we are four hands, two cultures, one artist.