Mark Kulaga

Lakewood Ranch


Wings made of scissors.

Scissor Wings by Mark Kulaga. Photo courtesy of artist

My art is concerned with more than mimicry or the social politic; instead it seeks to represent the life found in the ephemeral and berthing a living image from manipulating its original form while not harming its essential properties. Isn’t that what life is? The rearranging of atoms to formulate what we see and classify.

The series entitled “Of Hearts & Wings” has its origins in found objects, discarded but still holding onto their former signature. It is a nondestructive process I use, which takes this form and, like nature, builds on it until it has a new form made up of the conglomeration of atoms. A photograph is the bombardment of photons reflected. My art reflects the old life with new.

I have explored various aspects of art, including conceptual, with my own formula giving legitimacy to a form that has tipped the arts on its ear since before Duchamp. The formula encompasses the creative elements of observation, creation, meta, and quanta with an homage to the illogical or logical viewpoints considered. I've combined the formula for intelligence with the basic idea of conceptual art. It's the e=mc2 for art.

Art defines reality, and our creative mind attempts to explain what it is. My life’s goal is to explore all areas of creativity, and bring about excitement at the possibilities with which art can inspire, in education and through provocative explorations. The main question in life to be answered is not how—but why.