Mauricio Torrescano

Las Vegas

Venice-Passion 23-x-35-ich-2014 modeling clay 29 x 41 inch framed.jpg

Painting of man in Venice, Italy.

Venice Passion by Mauricio Torrescano. Photo courtesy of artist

I'm an artist that developed a technique using only modeling clay in different colors to create art that fuses painting and sculpture in a single technique, single material—doesn't have any paint on it and last longer than oil paintings because the modeling clay properties is waterproof, always stays pliable so never cracks, never change the colors, and the melting point is 165 degrees F temperature. That is not viable for any painting technique. I have 30 years of artistic development, and since 1996 I created this technique because I can't choose between painting or sculpture. So now I do both at the same time. I have several exhibitions, and I want to share with the art world this different possibilities in art.