Michael A. Williams


I was born in 1964 with an eye disorder called Stargart's Disease (a macular degenerative disorder) and a detached retina. I have been drawing and painting since the age of 10. I can say that the person who influenced me to take an interest in art is my mother (Mattie L. Williams), who is also an artist. I found art to be a bit challenging and at the same time comforting. I often ponder the thought of saying silently beneath my breath that here I am with a vision impairment, drawing and painting (and also wondering how long this interest will last).

I am happy to say for over 40 years the interest is still there and more potent than ever. What art means to me is that I have the ability to show others how I am seeing the world despite my limited sight, and having that limited sight doesn't place a limit my creative insight. As years have passed, I have been interviewed and received countless awards for my art and continue to expand my interest more than ever. I have no regrets being a visually impaired artist, for I am able to take my disability to new levels of encouraging, inspiring, and motivating others who are either sighted or sight impaired to go ahead and make a bold move into the arts and see what an impact you will have on others.