Michelle Smythe

Corpus Christi


Long retangular outdoor mural made up of 56 squares each with a different image

"Loteria Corpus Christi." Photo courtesy of K Space Contemporary

“Loteria Corpus Christi” is an outdoor mural located in downtown Corpus Christi, Texas. Fifty talented South Texas artists participated in its creation under the direction of K Space Contemporary. The mural was created and installed over the course of two years with funding provided by the National Endowment for the Arts and the City of Corpus Christi-Arts & Cultural Commission. It was completed in October 2015. We are extremely thankful to the National Endowment for the Arts for making “Loteria Corpus Christi” possible and helping K Space Contemporary beautify our neighborhood!

Loteria is a game that has been popular in Mexico since the 1800’s. Similar to Bingo, it is played with picture cards representing people, places or things, rather than letters and numbers. In 2013 K Space Contemporary invited artists to create original Loteria cards for an exhibition associated with their annual Dia de los Muertos Festival. 114 artists responded with 130 paintings for the exhibition. This enthusiasm and popularity prompted K Space Contemporary to organize the creation of a mural from works in the exhibition. A panel of jurors selected the best works and those artists were commissioned to paint large (4' x 6') versions of their Loteria designs for inclusion in “Loteria Corpus Christi”.

The finished size of the mural is 52' x 24' making "Loteria Corpus Christi" one of the largest public murals in the region. A game has been created from the mural images, as well as other souvenirs. Located at 619 Chaparral Steet, only two blocks from Corpus Christi’s bayfront, near restaurants, bars and hotels, "Loteria Corpus Christi" is now a popular landmark. It does exactly what its creators intended; It brightens one's day!

Participating artists include professional artists, illustrators, college professors, K-12 teachers and students. All artists are listed below. (Artists are from Corpus Christi unless otherwise noted.)

Sindi Alvarado, Theresa Alvarez, Chris Anderson, Tony Armadillo, Jennifer Arnold, Grace Barraza-Vega, Courtney Bracco, Mark Bueno (Denver, CO), Steve Burnett, Michael Casarez, Mark Clark (Brownsville), Emilia Curiel (Richmond, TX), Monica Marie Garcia, Amorette Garza, Xavier Garza (San Antonio), Georgia Griffin, Paula Gron, Nola Guarjardo, Lisa Ramirez Harrison (Austin), Jenifer Hartsfield/Martin Molina, LaLisa Hernandez, Laura Jimenez, Lynda Jones, Rebecca Jordan Glum (LA), Gerald Lopez, Brian McDermott, Tracey Meyer (Houston), Kris Miller, Jimmy Pena, Joe Pena, David Pena, Noe Perez, Matt Peterson, Catrina Phillips, Carol Plumb (Brownsville), Barbra Riley, Arnold Rojas, Matthew Rosas, Ricardo Ruiz, Raychelle Schaudies (Austin), Amanda Shepherd, Tristan Schober, Michelle Smythe, Paul Valadez (Edinburg), Nora Verdin, Cheryl Votzmeyer, Day Wheeler, Tina Wood, Tony Yarbray (Austin), Mayra Viviana Zamora.