Mitch Pfiefle



Man painting a large abstract colorful painting

Mitch Pfiefle. Photo courtesy of Spindleworks

I am at Spindleworks now because I do work here. These guys, they help me out. I went to Portland Oregon for High School and then moved to Portland Maine. I have been to a whole lot of ports. I have two fathers Hank (his real name is Howard) and Luke and my mom. Hank was a hippie. My mom's name is Beth. Portland Maine is my background. I was born there. I have two sisters Brooke and Christine. Uncle Pete left and moved to to Dallas. My grandfather was a painter, and he passed away. I know Big Top Deli because I work there. This city is my place; my old stomping grounds is here. It is my dad (that brought us here) because his father knew about. My grandfather owns a camp where I spent my childhood. It’s my background. I was a team captain on a Dragon Boat in Portland Oregon. I am on a downhill skiing team both in Portland Oregon and Maine. I am also on a swim team. My artwork started in my basement. Because inside of me is art. I make music down there. When I am alone I can see things. My music is inside of me and it helps me be lively. My inspiration: music and rock n’ roll heroes. I make the best songs, million dollar songs. I am also the dancing king. See these hands, they are too powerful. They make art. I do pottery. I made a King Kong. I made a Bird Man. My favorite artist is me. I do have a favorite artist his name is Murdoc. He is on the A-Team and also Hulk Hogan. He is the best. Art is my hobby and it makes me feel good inside. I make art outside. Fix it up, play music, draw, and football. Sports is art. Whole lotta things is art.

Sculpture of a character Birdman on display

Bird Man. Wood and tyvek. Photo courtesy of Spindleworks/Mitch Pfiefle