Nan Ancrom

South Carolina

I was eight years old when poetry entered my life as a couple of lines that occurred to me as I watched a butterfly search for a flower. A lengthy association with the art form followed as I became "Class Poet" in high school, won a literary prize in college and went on to find publication in many journals and magazines (including The Nation and Rolling Stone). A book was published by Window Editions, a small press then existing in NY, and more recently I was awarded the South Carolina Arts Commission's Poetry Fellowship in 2013.

During a residence in New York City, of almost two decades, I explored through participation theatre, dance and experimental jazz (on flute) in addition to reading my poetry in cafes and other venues. I became infused with arts I experienced and offered in performance. My family members were in the South and had no clear understanding of the extent of my involvement. It was when the SCAC attached $5,000k to the Fellowship that they understood!

At this time I enter into community life by playing the flute at a Senior Center, singing songs I've written and other songs at home concerts called "The Music Cafe" and by continuing to have poems published in S.C. magazines such as Blue Fish Digest and Jasper. Every day I listen to music on National Public Radio and. practice vocal and flute piece. Visual art is seen in many venues, including the walls of my apartment building.

Nan Ancrom
Charleston, SC