Nancy Angelini Crawford



Painting of houses in mountain area.

A Frames at Hatcher Pass by Nancy Angelini Crawford. Photo courtesy of artist

What a wonderful way to celebrate art and our beautiful state! This year I was fortunate to paint as far north as Fairbanks to as far south as Juneau, Alaska. The Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival is a 2-week-long event covering visual, musical, edible arts, and more! It was an honor teaching Plein Air Oil and Pastel Painting. After that, a trip to Seward to set up my solo exhibit at the Seward Sealife Center and then off to Juneau for an artist-in-residence at the historic Ernest Gruening Cabin. Gruening was the first territorial governor of the state and hosted many dignitaries, including President-Elect John F. Kennedy.

It's fantastic to see the largest state with a such a small population care so much for the arts and our land. Last year I did a 30-day challenge, painting each day at Hatcher Pass. Lucky for me it's only 20 minutes from my home.

Truly a state that is made for art. How much further north can I go next year?!