Nancy Bassett



Woman on her deck painting, with open coffee table art book in front of her

Nancy Bassett at home. Photo courtesy of Spindleworks

I have come to Spindleworks a long time. I was not an artist before. I drew at home, but I did not know about art. I first started weaving and now I draw and make watercolors. I like to draw best. I draw animals. I get my ideas out of art books and in my head. I make a square and put little windows in it and then I color it with watercolor. Here's one: it's a tent with a lot of sleeping bags. This other one is a tree with a lot of green leaves, and this one is a bird sitting on a limb. I use only my left hand because I have trouble with my other hand. I do everything with it. It feels good to do art. It feels good that people see my art. An artist writes, draws, sells art, and then gets a paycheck.

Multicolored scarf

Scarf. Photo courtesy of Spindleworks/Nancy Bassett

Line drawing of a jellyfish on a whie background

Jellyfish. Drawing on paper. Photo courtesy of Spindleworks/Nancy Bassett