Nancy Scott



Woman in long pink shirt standing out doors holding a brightly colored folded wrap

Nancy Scott holding finished weaving wrap. Photo courtesy of Spindleworks

I started coming to Spindleworks on March 8th of 2000 as an artist, and my first artwork was in my sketch book. I went out into the community and did some drawings in my sketch book in the park. I recently went to the Bowdoin College Museum of Art and saw an art exhibit called Night Vision. I was inspired by an oil painting of a car going which way on a snowy night and it was in the dark and it was near a telephone pole on a cold and wintery night. I went into the Media Room and watched a film about people driving in the dark at night from an apartment building in New York City. It had three movie screens in the Media Room, and it was quite dark and it had a bench to sit on in the back of the room.

My favorite part of making art is learning how to do a plain weave on a floor loom and picking out the different colors for my weaving. I made a scarf out of the cotton yarn and I got paid for my scarf that I made on the floor loom. One of the artist mentors at Spindleworks helped me stitch the ends of my scarf on the sewing machine that I made on the floor loom. I learned how to do Japenese weaving on a floor loom with a different colored yarn on a cone and I used a boat shuttle and a bobbin. I wind the yarn onto the bobbin and start weaving different colors. Showing and selling my artwork at Spindleworks makes me feel very good about my art. A portion of the sales go to support the program and supplies. It makes me feel good about myself to be an artist at Spindleworks. I go on art field trips. Sometimes, I go to the park on a nice day to draw or sketch in my sketch book. I use a pencil to write down strange things that are happening on the street around me. Sometimes, I go to the Farmers Market on a Friday morning and sit on a park bench under a shady tree in the park and write. It makes me feel good about being an artist.

Display of three brightly colored woven pillows against a black background

Woven pillows. Photo courtesy of Spindleworks/Nancy Scott