Page Lambert



Woman in front of an audience holding a book

Page Lambert reading at the Boulder Book Store. Photo by by John Gritts

I've always written a lot about animals. Once, while reading my essay “Porcupine Dusk” at Devils Tower’s National Monument's outdoor amphitheater, a wild porcupine perched on a Ponderosa limb hanging over my head and listened with rapt attention before climbing down. While reading Mary Oliver’s poem “Wild Geese,” a flock of wild geese flew overhead. When reading “Turkey Tracks” on a river trip, a wild turkey flew up and out of the willows and over my head, almost snagging my hair. I've even been known to dissect mountain lion scat and hunt for elk velvet. My poetry, essays, and stories can be found inside monumental sculptures at the Denver Art Museum, online at Huffington Post, inside the pages of The Writer, or in dozens of anthologies about the West. Told that that my Wyoming memoir (a Rocky Mountain best-seller) made great “bathroom reading” because of the short chapters, I was flattered. In keeping with my motto, “Life is an adventure—Write it! Live it! Love it!” When not writing from my mountain home in Colorado, I work with organizations such as True Nature Journeys, the Grand Canyon Field Institute, and the Aspen Writers’ Foundation.