Peter Warburton

Ann Arbor


Duct tape artwork of flowers.

Babe's Drapes by Peter Warburton. Photo courtesy of artist

I am a self-taught, 68-year-old duct tape fine artist. Fifteen years ago, I started to design ties using color duct tape. I soon started copying works from Matisse during his cut-out stage, then moved on to doing interpretations of my favorite works by Van Gogh. I have sent my works worldwide, and this has gotten my works in several permanent collections—the Vatican Art Musee, International Musee d’Art Niaf in Nice , the Smithsonian Postal Museum, and the Holocaust Museum, to name a few. My black-and-white duct tape line drawings won the Juriors Choice Award at the University of North Carolina , Ashville. I will attempt to do an image of anything that interests me. My work is always duct tape on board. It makes people smile because most have experience with the medium.

Duct tape artwork of watermill in sunset.

Sunset Montmartre, 1896 by Peter Warburton. Photo courtesy of artist