Philip Kimura



Two men and a boy posing for photo.

Philip Kimura and his son with guitarist Eliot Fisk. Photo by Daniel Roest

Music, through the guitar has always been a big part of my family's life. As a youngster, my father passed on his classical guitar talent to me any my brother. And, I continue the tradition by introducing the instrument to my son.

I was never able to achieve the skill level to become a professional musician, but my passion for music and the guitar led me to seek other ways to help people grow to love the instrument. Coincidentally, my son's guitar teacher, Daniel Roest, was president of the Sacramento Guitar Society and invited me to participate with and support the organization. The society's mission is to increase access to the arts in the Greater Sacramento Region through the guitar. The mission and programs, like school outreach (K-12), guitar camps, guitar orchestra, and concerts, aligned well with my interests in supporting the community. It didn't take long before I joined the board of directors of the Sacramento Guitar Society. Now, I enjoy making a difference in the Sacramento community through the Guitar Society. It is very rewarding to know that I are helping to shape the landscape of the arts in the community I live in.