Pura Cruz

New York


Pura Cruz

Pura Cruz. Photo by George Kropinak

Shades of surrealism were commonplace for a large portion of my formative years. Today, the creating of sculpture and paintings for the last 27 years has not only been part of my daily, weekly, yearly existence, but a "calling," which often invades my sleep!

As for my family, many are puzzled still at my efforts to explore social and political issues through this maddening thing we call ART. Though some younger members have come to understand that my goal, as an artist, is to create an existing visual dialogue with the VIEWER.

In 2013, as a ARTSpace resident, I created a series of paintings (7x3 feet in scale) titled "A GUITARRA GROWS ON LI," a response to the 2011 census which points to the Latino/Hispanic growth on Long Island. The series was exhibited in Patchogue, a fairly diverse community, where it was received with generous feedback.

The "broken" guitar has become my signature, both in sculpture and in paintings. It is a way of holding onto my heritage, as well as a tribute to my father Narciso, who helped support his brothers and sisters playing his guitarra at public celebrations at age 13 in Puerto Rico. When my father was living out his death in 1999, his brothers serenaded him at the hospital with their guitars, playing his favorite tangos.

The disjointed guitar form has become for me, a metaphor for the fragmented Hispanic experience in the United States.