Rebecca Robinson



multicolored drawing of a girl in a dress superimposed over a photo of the girl with a wildly colored background

Savvy Girl Painting. Photo by Rebecca Robinson

For as long as I can remember, I have been an artist. My love for art runs deep. It allows me to translate my feelings and any emotion into a visual. Over 12 years ago, after graduating college with B.A. in Visual Communications, I didn't know exactly what I wanted to do, but whatever it was, I wanted it to be creative, unique and something that wasn't motivated by the money. One day while sitting around looking at all of the painted canvas I had, I decided to cut up the canvas and test to see if I could stitch a seam through it. Once that first seam was made, I started making handbag patterns and creating one of a kind handbags with my fine art. Fast forward to today and I am still creating purses, but I continue to create innovative ways to produce artwork. My most recent experiment was with concrete, tar and latex paint. I have not been this excited about my artwork in a long time. I am on to something new and exciting and what feels good is the reminder that its never too late to create a brand new idea that not only visually speaks volumes...but also speaks to the soul.